5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Favorite DC Superheroes

Do you know a lot about your favorite DC superheroes? At least you thought you did. Bet you dont know these five facts.

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Did you know that Jason Todd (The second Robin) Was originally a red head, who dyed his hair black to look more like Dick Grayson.

.Jason Todd

Deadshot is so gun smart that he knows exactly where to shoot someone so he can put the                     maximum amount of bullets into their body without killing them.


In his first appearance Loki (Thor’s brother) Could not use his powers when soaked with water.


The sound receptors The Flash wears on his ears are magnetized so he can hear even at top speeds .                                                     Flash

Because Green Lanters ring has no power over yellow, Batman and Robin painted themselves and a entire room yellow when confronting him.