Random But Awesome Contest

Contest-!-!Hey Guys, So we are rebooting the Random but Awesome website. You know what they say, the third time’s the charm. Also yes  I know what you’re thinking does this means that I need to create a profile all over again? Yup… sorry. We really believe in our new platform.


We are going to be doing a contest $25 for whoever gets the most views on their article.  It’s based on the popularity of your article which includes most unique views, and shares.  It’s up to you how you want to promote your content, awesome right? Who can say “No” to free money (or gift cards per se)?

Create an account here http://randombutawesome.com/register-php/


And you may also be wondering “Does this mean you’re not doing Linksterr?” Linksterr is far from being done, at this point it will remain as one of our future products. For now we believe that Random But Awesome is on the right path for creating the community we need to benefit Linksterr in the future. So our goal is to bring great content to a great community where friends can share, repost, and even create their own blog posts that can be viewed from any social media platforms.